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    Helpful Resources for Pain Management


    If you have had the opportunity to read my blogs on Pain Management, you will know I strongly recommend creating a support tribe to walk with you on your ongoing journey!

    The links on this page are from some of those I have worked with and who have the same passion as I do… to help you with your chronic pain!

    Tell them Heather Pearman sent you…


    Natural Balanced Living
    Christine is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Mushroom Mycelium Consultant with a passion to teach the holistic path of living with pain and suffering.  She seeks to encourage the mind, body, and spirit to integrate the benefits of what God has given us here on earth.

    With over 30+ years of experience and studying with some of the great masters of natural living, give Christine the tools and skills that allow her to work with those that seek a natural way of living.   

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