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    I am privileged to have Co-Authored with Herbert I. Abrams, PhD. “Art Therapy for Children of All Ages – A Cook Book for Therapists” This project provides evaluation and therapy tools to clinicians by utilizing art mediums with their clients and gives clients tools to implement in everyday parenting.

    “Art Therapy for Children of All Ages”


    The first verse of scripture, as arranged in our Bibles, introduces us to the first attribute of God…His creativity.

    The heavens and earth and all the wondrous things that they contain were made by an imaginative God. We need only look at the construction details of either the Tent of the Meeting or Solomon’s Temple to know that even God expresses Himself purposefully through the arts. Creativity begins the backdrop of the context for the plan of God for man and the relationship that we still enjoy with Him to this day.

    It is not uncommon to hear someone say, “I’m not creative or artistic.”

    When I hear this, I move to the next important truth for our purposes here. Namely, that we were created in the image of a Creative being. Therefore, I think it safe to conclude that everyone is creative and each of us is an artist in facets known or yet undiscovered. We may not make our living in the arts or have something readily available for display but we are, each and every one, creative.

    It is my prayer that through reading this book and implementing the principals and projects outlined that even the most reserved therapist will have the confidence to move forward with a new understanding of art as a window to the subconscious.

    As we begin to tap into the creativity of our clients, we will see their art as an expression of self that bypasses the censors of the conscience mind. Just as God created the heavens and the earth as a window to reveal parts of His personality, our client’s artwork will give us a similar opportunity to view hidden parts of their personalities. I remain excited about this tool as a means to speed God’s healing into the lives of those entrusted to our care.

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