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  • What is Hypnosis?

    Opening Your Mind to New Possibilities.

    “A Well- Placed Suggestion”

    You may be wondering about hypnosis.

    What are your beliefs about hypnosis?

    You may be imagining a movie you saw about “ The Great Svengoolie” or remember a stage show you saw, and you are thinking “ NO WAY!! 

    Let me reframe hypnosis for you. 

    “Hypnosis is a well-placed suggestion.” It has been discovered that when your body is relaxed your mind can take in and imagine new ways of doing things that you did not realize before. 

    Christian Pain Management with Hypnosis is a way to integrate two things…

    1) what you know 
    to be true in scripture. You are a temple of the Holy Spirit, a child of God, and the bride of Christ.

    2) who you are today
    A human being in need of physical help for your physical pain